The Bible Says


Join us each Saturday morning as we study
and worship.

Our Bible Study begins at 9:30 a.m.‚Äč

We will be studying "The Gospel in Galatians".

An on-line version of the study quarterly can be found here.
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Our Worship Service begins immediately following at  11:00.

Welcome to the Woodbury Seventh-day Adventist Church!
Visitors are invited to fellowship lunch following our service
hosted Hospitality Committee.

                 THE CHURCH AT STUDY
                            9:15 A.M.
Song Service
Opening Song
Scripture & Prayer
Superintendents Remarks:
 1st Sabbath - Bruce Hall
                                            2nd Sabbath - Donna Barrett  
                                            3rd Sabbath - Roberta Chavez
                                            4th Sabbath - DiAnn Landon 
                                            5th Sabbath - Bruce Hall and Youth

Mission Emphasis: Southern Asia Division
     Mission Offering

 Lesson Study:
"The Gospel in Galatians"    

     Teachers:  1st Sabbath - Bob Zollinger  
                       2nd Sabbath - Dan Landon
                       3rd Sabbath - Peter Chavez
                       4th Sabbath - Perry Louden
                       5th Sabbath - Donna Barrett 

 Outreach Ministries Spotlight 
                THE CHURCH AT WORSHIP
                               11:00 A.M.
Prelude                                          Church Musicians
Invocation and Welcome               Presiding Elder 
1st Sabbath -  Eddie Tucker 
                                                      2nd Sabbath - Dan Landon 
                                                      3rd Sabbath - Bob Zollinger
                                                      4th Sabbath - Bob Zollinger 
                                                      5th Sabbath - Dan Landon 
Children’s Story                            Rotating Church Member
Worship in Giving                         Presiding Elder

Offertory                                       Church Organist
Hymn of Dedication  
                             Presiding Elder                                        
Intercessory Prayer                      Presiding Elder
                      Response:  Hear Our Prayer, O Lord           #684
Message                                      Pastor Clark -1st, 2nd, 3rd & 5th Sabbaths

                                                    Special Guest Speaker - 4th Sabbath 
Closing Hymn    

Benediction                                  Speaker                               
Postlude                                      Church Organist


Pastor: Dennis Clark
Presiding Elder: Bob Zollinger
Head Deacon: Bruce Hall
Pianist: Darla Smith/Darla Wolf
Organist: Douglas Jennings 


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